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Being able to diagnose building defects and understand the underlying pathology is the first step to identifying effective remedies.  Invasive tests and dismantling are often highly disruptive in busy public spaces, and are seldom approved during the listed building consent process until the less invasive investigative techniques have been exhuasted, not least the expense, of opening up the defective area.


Moreover, poorly researched repairs can sometimes make matters worse.


Using non-destructive techniques, such as damp-meters, thermal imaging and environmental monitoring, we help our clients get to the bottom of persistent and worrying problems.


Please get in touch to find out more about our research projects using non-destructive techniques:


Project 1 - Strucural Integrity Testing

Project 2 - 'Moisture Map' Dampness Investigation

Project 3 - Condensation Risk analysis in Historic Windows


Investigating Defects

Blackpool Ballroom Back to Surveys Case Study FLIR0298